Cable Matters HDMI to VGA Adapter (HDMI to VGA Converter / VGA to HDMI Adapter) in Black

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Product Description


VGA Monitor Companion

The Cable Matters Active HDMI to VGA Adapter is the ideal solution for connecting a computer or other HDMI source to a display with full HD video.

Superior Construction in a Lightweight Adapter

The combination of gold-plated connectors with optional USB power in a lightweight package provides a portable adapter that is easy to carry.

Important Notes

NO HDCP SUPPORT – Viewing copy protected video from devices such as a Blu-ray player is not supportedNO AUDIO SUPPORT – Audio must be transmitted separatelyNOT BI-DIRECTIONAL – Adapter only operates from HDMI source to VGA


Video Resolution Compatibility

– Video resolution up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz.

– Includes other VGA resolution.

– HDCP and audio are not supported over VGA.







Classroom or Conference Room

– Connect to a projector in a hotel.

– Use with a classroom projector.

– Compatible with older displays with VGA.

Laptop Video Connection

– Continue to use legacy displays with VGA input.

– Connect a newer laptop with HDMI to a VGA monitor or projector.

Micro-USB Power Port

– Integrated USB power port.

– Boosts the video signal.

– Increases compatibility.




Micro HDMI



Max Resolution






Audio Support

Model Number






Portable VGA to HDMI adapter for monitor connects a computer, laptop, or other device with HDMI to a monitor or projector with a VGA port; A VGA cable (sold separately) is required to connect from the adapter to a monitor or projector; Carry this lightweight adapter in your laptop bag for a business presentation from your computer or use it on the desktop to extend your screen to a monitor
USB powered active HDMI VGA adapter has built-in IC chip to improve compatibility between equipment and displays; The RGB to HDMI adapter has optional USB power to boost the signal from computers with low power HDMI ports such as the MacBook Pro with Retina Display or Raspberry Pi
Legacy companion VGA HDMI adapter for an older 4:3 aspect projector or TV with VGA; Connect to existing monitors or projectors with VGA input from the latest computers or desktop barebones; Audio is not supported over the VGA cable, it must be transmitted separately
Full HD video support for resolutions up to 1920×1080 including 720p, 1600×1200 for compatibility with most VGA displays; Gold-plated connectors improve the signal performance, molded strain relief provides durability and the 4 inch cable tail reduces stain on the HDMI port of your computer
HDMI to VGA compatible for connecting a computer, Kano Computer Kit, Raspberry Pi Kit, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U or other device to a monitor or projector; Devices such as DVD or Blu-Ray players that require HDCP for viewing copyrighted content are not supported by this HDMI to VGA adapter